Soil Bacteria Analysis Project

Healthy soil is alive with many microbes, including microscopic animals and numerous kinds of bacteria. Order your Soil Bacteria Analysis today, and review if your soil could benefit from the addition of our line of Microbial Products.

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Utilize the natural nutrients and minerals bound in your soil while growing your gardens, food plots and fields with Microbial Advancement © products from Da Vinci Plant Services. Unlock nutrients naturally and boost your soil activity.

Healthy soil is a  complex, and often overseen aspect when fine tuning a field or garden. What ever your crop may be, there are basic ingredients that when put together, equal a healthy and fertile soil.

  • Moisture
  • Organic matter
  • Nutrients
  • Biological life
  • Sun light
  • Heat

With our MAP products and a soil bacteria analysis, we can view beneficial (and threatening) biological activity, while directly increasing biological life, while indirectly increasing organic matter and nutrients.


Steps to obtaining your bacterial analysis

  1. Order your analysis kit by using the Buy Now button below (remember to insert your shipping address, email address, and any special instructions in the provided boxes at check out.
    We will send you a complete kit, with instructions on how to gather your samples, including an envelope containing a return address and pre-marked postage
  2. Upon receiving your kit, gather 3 soil samples, from different areas of study, using the included probe corer (wait atleast 12 hours after the last rain fall).
  3. Place core samples, corer and signed document into the return envelope
  4. Wait 2-4 weeks for a copy of your analysis to be returned in the mail
    *You can always reference your analysis report online, by typing in the report number, in the box provided below.

What's included in your analysis?

  • Soil type analysis (determines your soil texture and explains in detail)
  • Bacterial Analysis (an accurate estimate of the average amount of bacteria and microbial life in your soil, using the Bacterial Coefficient© measurement)
  • Field test of available nutrients and pH (this is not a guaranteed analysis of NPK or pH, it is a field study we perform to better analyze the potential for bacteria and microbes to survive, for a guaranteed analysis of NPK and pH, visit your local extension office)

Lose your hard copy? Need another copy? Retrieve your Soil Analysis online

(your report will open/download as a PDF)

example: test-1-1


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Soil Analysis reports are not a discountable item. For bulk reports, please contact us for pricing

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