Research Stations

Da Vinci Plant Services strives to perform tests all over the country to help aid in the continuing development of our products and services. On this page you will find results of the extensive research we perform.
We are always looking for willing participants in our soil studies and our product testing, if interested, please feel free to email us regarding such.


Research Stations and Projects

Our primary goal when producing Microbial Advancement Products is to return gardening, foot plotting and farming back to a more naturalist approach at producing the highest yields while operating in an environmentally sound fashion. To better understand and produce a product, we have hired willing participants to partake in our soil research project. Primarily in the state of Michigan (our home state). Many of the research plots we utilize on are on private property, thus we have compiled a list and general map of where our current research plots are at.

Per our request, the participants supply soil samples to our lab, where we analyze them pre-planting, during planting and post planting, to best understand the way soil lives and breathes throughout the entire grow season while using our products.

Below you will find up-to-date links on research results from tests we've conducted using our MAP products in conjunction with both conventional farming, and organic farming techniques.

                Products Currently Being Test In-Field



Research Stations and Plots started in 2017 to further study into MAP products and further understanding bacterial activity in the soil in a diversity of soils:

     Research Designation Type:
     (A - Organic Principles) (B - Conventional) (C - Gardening) (D - Food Plotting) (E - Orchard) ( F - Farming) 

 Plot # Plot Name Start Date:  Type:
23 – 1201 DVPS Res. Station 1

41 – 1701 Byron Cntr. Plot 1 2017 A,C, F
43 – 1701 Baldwin Res. Plot 1 2017 C,E
78 – 1701 Perry Res. Plot 1 2017 B,F