OPPH - Organic Products Pre-Heater




Utilize your organic fertilizer and inoculants to their full potential!

The OPPH System by Da Vinci Plant Services is a completely modular system, simply plug in your connections, plumb in the (IRH) Individual Row Heater modules and go.

Organic amendments work best when their temperature is around 100*F (38*C), when amendments are mixed with well water, their average temperature is 53*F (average ground water temperature in North America gathered from standard farm or house hold deep wells). Using the OPPH system from Da Vinci Plant Services will allow your organic and natural farming amendments such as microbial inoculants, fertilizers and other additives to start working immediately by increasing fluid temperatures at the point of application!

The System

The OPPH system has different (DIV) Driver Input Voltage modules that can work on 6, 12 and 24 volt systems, allowing the use of older tractors, modern ATV's and tractors alike.

A simple (CTR) control module is installed in the cab or anywhere accessible to the driver. All controls are automatic, and digitally controlled in ensuring constant - correct temperature is achieved.

Optional (HSM) Heater Status Modules are also available, to give you an instant notice if one of the IRH modules stops working. HSM harness available and required for every individual monitored IRH module.

Optional (CJM) Junction Modules available for systems requiring more than one IRH module,

(IRH) Individual Row Heater modules are the heart of the system, they transfer electricity from the DIV module and convert it to an inline heater. The flow-through heat sinks are made of stainless steel, and are available in 3/8", 3/4" and 1" MNPT fittings, designed such that each boom section receives it's own pre-heater. They are completely water tight, insulated for efficiency and feature bi-directional flow capabilities. Rugged housing and mounts - along with no moving parts ensure long lasting performance.


  • Is this a water heater? Does the fluid exit at hot temperatures?
    No, through heat sinks and heater coils, we transfer amount of heat to the product in gradual amounts as to not burn or kill off organisms.
  • Does the product flow through  a submersible heater coil?
    No, heat sinks transfer heat from the insulated coil to the product.
  • Can the OPPH system be used in injection systems
    Follow product manufacturers suggestions on application temperatures, if they can be applied at warm temperatures, then yes.
  • Does this system stay on constantly?
    Yes, but only when the switch on the CTR module is turned on. It is important to follow initial warm up sequence prior to applying.
  • Can the system be used with run hold switches?
    Yes, to both conserve energy as well as prevent potential increases in pressure due to increase heat.
  • How much energy does this system use?
    Depending on how many sections are installed, and what your input voltage is, this system can use 1-15 amps.
  • The IRH modules feel warm, is this normal?
    Yes it is, each of the IRH modules are filled with a potting compound that insulates (conserves heat). The modules will feel warm, but should not be too hot to handle. If in doubt, we suggest measuring with a non-contact thermometer.
  • Can I add more IRH modules at a later date?
    Yes! The modular design allows multiple sections to be outfitted with the purchase of the CJM module.

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DIV Module (required on new systems):

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CTR Module (required on new systems):

HSM Module and Harnesses (optional):

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HSM Harness (change quantity in cart)

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CJM Module (required for multiple sections):

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IRH Module (required on new systems, as well as replacement components)

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RHRS Module
Run-Hold Module (accelerometer, senses forward movement)

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