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Utilize the natural nutrients and minerals bound in your soil while growing your gardens, food plots and fields with Microbial Advancement © products, including Sustinere © FMI © from Da Vinci Plant Services. Unlock nutrients naturally and boost your microbial activity.

Note: These products do not directly provide nutrients to your plants. They instead add beneficial microbes releasing the natural nutrient potential, to provide a more naturalistic approach at growing and harvesting crops.

Results may vary with these products. We highly suggest ordering a soil test to see what the activity and average nutrient content is, before ordering or applying product. See below, for ordering information in regards to the Soil Bacteria Analysis.

View our ongoing research on our MAP products by clicking here!

Why MAP products? Healthy soil is a  complex, and often overseen aspect when fine tuning a field or garden. What ever your crop may be, there are basic ingredients that when put together, equal a healthy and microb-active soil.

  • Moisture
  • Organic matter
  • Nutrients
  • Biological life
  • Sun light
  • Heat

With MAP products, we can directly increase Biological Life, which in turn can increase the bio-availability of naturally occurring nutrients.



Pronounced Sus-tin-ere

<Image result for check box icon> Suggested for supplementing active soil, where organic materials have been added or as an biannual supplement (Spring and Autumn).

The Sustinere original product consists of a narrow spectrum of beneficial bacteria to aid in decomposition of organic materials, allowing the soil to provide it's own natural nutrients to your plants and may help fight harmful bacteria and plant diseases. Inoculate fresh, and old growing areas alike to reinstate healthy bacterial respiration in the soil.

This inoculant is best used throughout the grow season, as new organic materials are added, or bacteria dies, and is in need of replacement.

2 ounces concentrate to 1 gallon of water

*Available in Activated Formula for local delivery only, SEE BELOW

Standard filtering of product is 50 mesh/297 micron, custom filtering is available at no charge in 80/177 micron and 100 mesh/149 micron.

See application instructions in our  Documents and Literature section below

Choose your ammount

Optional additive

Specifically cultured supplement growth medium for our Sustinere original formula. Give your inoculant a boost before applying with this water soluble product.

See application instructions in our  Documents and Literature section below

WASP for Sustinere to treat:

Sustinere in the activated formula is ready to be mixed and be applied (within 30 days of delivery). It is only available for local delivery, or shipped via UPS in lots of 5 gallons.

Activated formula is 1 gallon solution to (now!) 9 gallons of water

Pricing below is per gallon. Please be sure to select the quantity necessary to insure you're receiving the best pricing.

5 Gallon lots are priced; packaged in corrugated shipping container with packaging surcharge included. Packages are shipped only using UPS, and are shipped in DOT, UN and FDA compliant E-Tainer ® shipping containers.

See application instructions in our  Documents and Literature section below

Choose your amount (specify gallons at checkout)
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Sustinere is not limited to standard crops. For a longer lasting, slow release product, Sustinere ERP (Extended release plug) is available for specialty crops.

Simply burrow a shallow (~4") hole near the base of the plant and drop a plug in.
This slow release capsule will add beneficial and crucial bacteria into your soil for a long lasting, 100% biodegradable product.

Perfect for orchards, nut growers, hop yards and perennial fruit and flower crops farmers.

See application instructions in our  Documents and Literature section below

Please specify quantity at checkout


Need help determining what additive your soil needs? Request below for a soil sample kit to be delivered to your door step. A nutrient test, soil type and microscopic review will be performed.

U.S. and U.S. Territory reports only. Orders outside the US will be denied.

Soil Analysis reports are not a discountable item. For bulk reports, please contact us for pricing

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Customer Feedback:
-6/16/17 Chelsea W. (Home owner, Gardening)
"I used Da Vinci Plant Services - Sustinere on a smaller scale garden and flowers this year and can't wait to see results! Customer service is great! Highly recommend!"
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, plant, flower and outdoor
This is one hanging basket from another Da Vinci customer this year so far! My daughter is standing next to it to show size. And the picture doesn't even do the color justice.
7/16/17 Treavor M. (Large scale gardening, orchard)
"(After 2 weeks) Already seeing a difference with my corn, my untreated row is two inches shorter.
It seems to be working best where I amended the soil, I also didn't treat one tomato plant, and it's slightly skinnier than the other one that was the same size at planting."

7/28/17 Customer Photo
(yield differences - Treated with Sustinere on right)


9/1/17 Yield Results
Sustinere + Fertilizer on left, Sustinere only center and control on right

Documents and Literature
Sustinere Instructions (bottle)| Sustinere Instructions (2 ounces)| WASP Spec Sheet | Activated MAP Products Brochure  | MAP Products Brochure | Sustinere Safety Sheet  | Sustinere Lab Report |  Materials Sheet |  Breakdown | ERP Application Sheet| Greenhouse and Nursery Application Guide

|2017 Field Report (694kb)|

Payment Notice:

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It is Da Vinci Plant Services' goal to provide its customers with high grade, top of the line products, customer service and workmanship. We understand agriculture is not a "one size fits all" business. If you have any questions in regards to our products. We will do our utmost at supplying you with the information needed to supply you the customer, with an informed and dedicated answer.